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7 reasons Land Escapes is the Landscape Contractor to call

In this article, we’ll look at 7 reasons why you’d want to call Land Escapes for all your landscaping work.

Reason no. 1: Years of Experience in Montana’s Landscaping Industry

We have well over a decade of experience working as professional landscape contractors in Montana. Experience allows us to take on and successfully the most challenging landscape design projects for both home and business owners.

Reason no. 2: A Portfolio that Spans Everything from Business or Residential Landscape Projects

Land Escapes has worked on a myriad of business and residential landscape projects. Our team specializes in everything from small scale landscape design to larger-scale commercial landscape design and construction. So, regardless of what you need, we can help you plan and execute a successful landscaping project.

 Reason no. 3: Land Escapes is Amongst the Most Highly Rated Landscape Contractors

We are amongst the most professional and consequently highly rated landscape contractors across Montana. Clients continue to refer our services to their friends and family, which is an honor because we work hard to ensure that our clients are pleased with their landscape design. That said we work with clients to ensure the best outcome for their projects.

Reason no. 4: Employ a Team of Professional and Certified Landscape Designers

Our team consists of the most experienced and certified landscape designers. Having professionals allows us to successfully complete even otherwise challenging projects.

Reason no. 5: A Sensibly Priced Service

We like to think that our prices are competitive. Unlike other services, our goal isn’t to charge clients a lot of money but instead to charge for what they need. So, our prices are based on the extent of work that will go into completing a project successfully.

Reason no. 6: A Deep Understanding of Local Plants and Shrubs

Local landscape designing is all about knowing which plants will work and how they should be planted. We have in-depth knowledge of several dozen plant types that grow natively across Montana. Having knowledge of plants allows us to pull off landscaping projects with relative ease, and in some cases, a homeowner can choose plants that don’t require much maintenance. So, we can plant the type of trees and shrubs that home and business owners want.

Reason no. 7: Excellent Customer Service

Finally, customer service is a big deal. We want people to feel that they are working with true professionals who care about their projects. That’s why from the time you first call to the time when we have completed a project, you’ll always experience excellent customer service. Every one of our staff members is more than willing to answer questions and work on the feedback received from our clients.