Land Escapes

What is a “Landscape to LIVE IN”

“Landscapes to Live IN” is a way to express our design philosophy which is quite different than most in the field. Our expertise in choosing the right materials, bringing the right equipment and  highest standards of workmanship to the job would be misdirected if our designs please and serve us rather than our customer.

We have seen many artistic people wrongly think that their landscaping is the work of art. It is obvious that a home includes a house on a piece of land but is so much more than that. It is an environment in which people experience life. They create, build and nurture many if not most of their important relationships there. Husband and wife, lovers enjoying a peaceful summer evening with a glass of wine, a slow crackling fire under a star-filled sky. Friends around the patio, telling stories and laughing with the sounds of steaks sizzling on the barbecue and the cooling, cascading waterfall ministering from the background. The Father and son wrestling match, the “batting practice” and the flowers picked by little hands for Mom. These experiences and more make up our client’s home. The tangible and intangible, is a work of art and we are fortunate to be invited to play a part in its creation.


A “Landscape to LIVE IN” is a part of that larger work of art.