Land Escapes

A Country Paradise

When the owner/visionaries of this very special property wanted to plan the anchor of the outdoor attractions offered to their guests at The Willow Creek Inn, they searched the web and sought recommendations. Their diligence paid off and Land-Escapes was awarded the job of creating this amazingly beautiful lake and hillside amphitheater. With their new Inn, their restored and equipped outer buildings they were ready to welcome guests. The Johnson family at the Willow Creek Inn caters to those wanting a unique experience for their wedding or other special family or corporate events. One cannot afford making the wrong decision when it comes to a landscaping plan which is such and integral part of the over-all business plan.

Without success, Wayne and Jane Johnson spent considerable effort consulting with architects and builders trying to figure a way that this 100 year old ranch house might be incorporated into their vision. They then offered it to anyone who might want to move it without any takers. As a result, our first task was to knock it down and dispose of it to ready a place for their new superbly designed Inn.

The area for the over lake was a spring fed bog that required constant de-watering in order for the excavation to move along uninterrupted. The thousands of yards of material was used on-site to shape the hillside, amphitheater area and build berms that would provide screening for the Inn. We poured the footings and foundation walls for the gazebo in the lake. The lake depth at the gazebo is over six feet and the trout swim at your feet. To the west one has a stunning view of the Tobacco Root mountains. The bluegrass lawn gently flows from the parking area to an ample flat area where chairs can be set up in front of the amphitheater seating for guests.

The old bunk house became a great place for the bride’s changing room or a small executive meeting room. The barn is an old West dance hall. To finish things off, we constructed a “hiking” trail to the far side of the acre and a half lake and installed a perch for an Osprey of Eagle that might just want to gather a meal out of its cold spring waters.