Land Escapes

Healing Waters – Music for the Soul

When St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, Montana wanted a waterfall that “Would welcome visitors with a Montana song” they called on the experts at Land-Escapes Inc.  We are the recognized experts throughout the industry for our experience that spans three generations. Many of the boulders in and around this beauty weigh in excess of 20 tons each. A “pondless” design was a safety requirement as well as a space issue. With 2,400 gallons per minute crashing over 100 lineal feet of falls and cascading down 10 feet of elevation drop the sounds are indeed thrilling.

A small horse power, large volume – low head – low pressure three phase pump was used for energy efficiency and long life. As you walk along the falls you can enjoy a range of water sounds from the exciting crashing sounds of the “headwaters”to the soft showers sound at the lower end. This one of a kind re-creation of a Glacier Park type experience can be seen and enjoyed from near or far and from many differing angles. When visiting Helena be sure to take in this “natural” landmark because like its inspiration, pictures just don’t do it justice.