Land Escapes

Small Project – Huge Transformation

This small, older yard was going to be torn up with the house addition and face lift that was going to transform this home. We removed the old Spruce, corrected some drainage problems, constructed a new front walk and entry and turned the back yard into a lush oasis of peace.

There is only one good place for railroad ties – UNDER A TRAIN! (That is a MontanaLandEscape-ism) They are twisted, uneven and they ooze creosote. These had to go. We hauled in dirt to raise the grade and cover the foundation then created smooth bed lines and installed some small variety shrubs. The large, mature Apple tree was pruned up and became the centerpiece for the new patio area. A gently curving walk now connects the back door to the driveway and garage.

This is a super easy yard to maintain and provides a great deal of enjoyable outdoor living. Here is some of what this client had to say about it, “There have been several isolated moments for me when I have been struck anew by the beauty of your design…the graceful curving lines…the selection of trees and bushes, the scattered boulders all make for such pleasant scenery. I think our little corner looks quite spectacular.”